Josh Kramer

I like to describe myself as a “back-of-the-frontend” developer. I excel at building abstractions and systems necessary for a robust web experience, while keeping a close eye on accessibility and performance. Although I haven't yet met a design I can't wrangle into CSS, you could describe my aesthetic sensibilities as that of an engineer.

When I'm not at my keyboard, you can usually find me running. I've been running marathons and ultramarathons since 2011. This is me at the 2021 Cayuga Trails 50k, running down Buttermilk Falls in Ithaca, NY.

Me running down a gravel path with a waterfall to the left. I'm wearing a black windbreaker, a blue hydration pack, shorts, and a race bib. I have a relaxed yet focused look on my face.

My wife Kristen and I live in Irondequoit, NY with our dog and 3 cats.

A selfie of me and Kristen in bike helmets in a city park. Kristen is in a red checkered flannel button-up shirt, and I'm in a tshirt that says “I love code”, where the word “love” is replaced by the GitHub octocat logo Three cats intently looking out a sliding glass door onto a wooden deck, as if tracking prey. One cat is orange, another a dark gray/black, and the third a longhaired tan and white. A goldendoodle sitting and smiling at the camera on a stone balcony, overlooking a large lake. The lake background is heavily blurred
The US Capitol building surrounded by green trees and grass


I'm currently a member of the U.S Surgeon General's "Innovation and Design" team. Our team is working on creative ways to increase the general public's visibility into the initiatives of the Surgeon General's office. We are doing this with a well-designed web experience and plain language to increase accessibility. Interact with our work on the Surgeon General's Priorities page. represents my personal opinions and positions. Nothing here should be construed as a government endorsement.
Me and Dr. Vivek Murthy, U.S. Surgeon General. I'm in a checkered button-up, Dr. Murthy is in his official admiral uniform.

Previously, I spent three years as a tech lead on the web team at Measures for Justice, a non-profit working to bring transparency and accountability into criminal justice systems around the country. I delivered a rearchitected Next.js site to visualize complex multidimentional data for both a nationwide data portal and a multi-tenant county-specific dashboard.

I have more detailed information about my past work experience on my resume.

Please also take a look at my blog.