Me in a neon yellow windbreaker, sunglasses, and a hydration vest, sitting on a beach. In the distance is the Golden Gate Bridge, shrouded in fog.
  • Senior Frontend Developer at Office of the US Surgeon General

    • Architect website for the Surgeon General with vague and not-yet-known requirements, using technologies that include Astro, Typescript, CSS Modules, and the U.S. Web Design System (USWDS).
    • Contributed to several open-source projects to fix bugs and add features needed for our work.
    • Collaborate with external government teams, including USWDS, and
    • Work with the Surgeon General’s communication and engagement teams to plan product launches and analyze analytics post-launch.
    • Create and maintain an automated build and deployment system using the highly restricted products/services available to us within the federal government.
    • Develop web experiences that are accessible and Section 508 compliant.
    • Participate in group innovation brainstorms that guide future product directions.
  • Senior Software Engineer at Measures for Justice

    • Lead the development and maintenance of our web properties, including a homepage and several data portals.
    • Evaluate new libraries and tooling for features, cost, risk, and accessibility.
    • Develop custom data visualizations using d3.
    • Design and maintain our build pipeline with Jenkins and Docker, balancing optimizing for speed (via static compilation) with the need to show different data in different environments.
    • Gradually converted application from ES5 to Typescript, which has caught countless bugs during development instead of at runtime.
    • Advocate for accessibility best practices, such as keyboard usability, screen reader support, and improved color contrast.
    • Provide mentorship and guidance to our two more junior Web Developers via frequent pair programming, knowledge sharing, and code reviews.
    • Overhauled the company’s annual review process with a cross-discipline team from across the organization, and participated in the interview process for roles across the organization.
  • Developer at ITX Corp

    • Assembled an enterprise AngularJS application from the ground up with my team, as part of a larger ecosystem of applications, to replace a legacy Flash experience.
    • Collaborated with the client stakeholder and product owner to develop thorough requirements.
    • Investigated the project domain and regularly uncovered many edge cases and missed requirements the product owner and client stakeholder were unaware of.
    • Successfully collaborated in a primarily remote environment (85% of my coworkers were in Latin America)
    • Worked as a peer alongside my Tech Lead to perform code reviews, make technical decisions, and work with the client.
    • Mentored junior developers by performing in-depth code reviews, frequent informal lessons, and acting as the “go-to” person on my team when someone needs help.
    • Participated in frequent technical team leadership discussions as the sole non-Tech Lead member from the team of 20 developers, due to my extensive experience and knowledge.
  • Software Engineer at Brand Networks

    • Architected and implemented a medium-scale AngularJS application for use by national brands to post across thousands of social media accounts at the same time.
    • Introduced TypeScript to the project to take advantage of modern language features and reduce type errors.
    • Learned relevant legacy design patterns to maintain legacy codebases and add new features for high-priority clients.
  • UI Developer at EffectiveUI

    • Managed scope and expectations directly with client as senior AngularJS developer on multiple projects. Architected new AngularJS and build environments and delivered completed builds to client.
    • Proactively identified risks or problems and escalated as needed.
    • Developed clean, well-documented code in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for medium-scale web applications.
    • Addressed cross browser compatibility issues, while keeping accessibility in mind, to provide a consistent experience for all users.